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The school is dedicated in preparing conscious and responsible citizens with the sense of integrity and honesty, who will be imbued with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research and creation. The school believes in the worth and uniqueness of the individual and aims at forestering each individual,s profentialities and, therefore, provides varied opportunities for successful learning and growth.

The school tries to place the students in an intelligent and healthy environment in which they might thrive and grow in relationship to the idea, problems and achievement of mankind.

The school offers a programme which aims towards an increasing acceptance of responsibilities by its students.

As Educators our strong concern and effort is the development of the whole person so as to be fully human, full Indian and truly modern. We aim that our students be intellectually competent, secular, longing and committed to faith and justice.

Our aim to development in child, good healthy habits and to build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustements such as dressing, toilet habit, eating, washing and cleaning etc.

To develop desireable social attitudes and manners and encourage healthy participation making the child sensitive to the right and privieges of others.

To encourage aesthetic apprication.

To stimulate the beginning to intellectual curiosity concerning environment to help him understand the world in which he/she lives and to foster new interests through opportunities to investigate and expeirment.

We pledge to ourselves, therefore, to impart to the students of the school, asense of their own work and dignity and rights of others, especially of those whose human rights and dignity are abused and in need of liberation and protection.

Principal's Message
Dear Parents, Greetings from ROSEDALE SCHOOL Thank you for choosing Rosedale School for your child. Our School is committed to give its pupils a solid foundation in a nurturing environment, one that will allow their natural gifts to unfold and make learning a pleasurable experience. ....
Chairman's Message
Welcome To RoseDale School. In my considered opinion, each child is endowed with immeasurable potential, creation imagination and unique strength. That becomes possible when we start unlearning what is archaic, learning what is socially relevant and relearning what is of universal value ...
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