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1.      NCERT  Beehive – English text book

2.      NCERT Moments – English supplementary Reader

3.      NCERT Mathematics

4.      NCERT Science

5.      NCERT India$ contemporary world-1 History

6.      NCERT Economics

7.      NCERT Contemporary India –Geography

8.      NCERT Democratic Politics-1

9.      NCERT Hindi Kshitij

10.  NCERT Hindi Sparsh

11.  NCERT Hindi Kritika

12.  NCERT Hindi Sanchayan

13.  NCERT Punjabi Sahitmala

14.  NCERT Punjabi Vangi

15.  NCERT Computer  Foundation Of Technology


1.      NCERT English literature English book First Flight

2.      NCERT English supplementary Reader Foot prints without feet

3.      NCERT Mathematics-2

4.      NCERT Science

5.      NCERT India $ contemporary World-2 History

6.      NCERT Understanding Economics Development

7.      NCERT Contemporary India Geography

8.      NCERT Democratic Politics-2

9.      NCERT Punjabi sahitmala-2

10.  NCERT Punjabi Vangi-2

11.  NCERT Hindi Kshitij-2

12.  NCERT Hindi Sparash-2

13.  NCERT Hindi Kritika-2

14.  NCERT Hindi Sanchan-2

15.  NCERT Computer Foundation Of Technology







Principal's Message
Dear Parents, Greetings from ROSEDALE SCHOOL Thank you for choosing Rosedale School for your child. Our School is committed to give its pupils a solid foundation in a nurturing environment, one that will allow their natural gifts to unfold and make learning a pleasurable experience. ....
Chairman's Message
Welcome To RoseDale School. In my considered opinion, each child is endowed with immeasurable potential, creation imagination and unique strength. That becomes possible when we start unlearning what is archaic, learning what is socially relevant and relearning what is of universal value ...
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